Monday, September 1, 2008

Raincross Tournament......

Good Morning everyone!!! I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying your 3 day weekend.

The results are in!!! Nathans team RFC were semi-finalist! Way to go Guys!!! The tournament was in Riverside this weekend. Thank goodness we were close to home. It was nice. Nathan had a rough last game he was punching a ball out to stop a goal and got hit in his nose!!! He got a bloody nose and his nose is quit swollen on the left side. Well I hope he dosnt have black eyes for school tomorrow. :)
Also he was so proud that he stopped a PK!!! Way to go mijo!!!

Happy Labor Day to everyone!!! I hope everyone has the day off and enjoys it!!! We have no plans do you? I do think though I will BBQ some burgers on the grill, that sounds good. Maybe I will make some potato salad, to bad mom isnt here hers is better than mine but Mine is pretty darn (HI MOM! luv ya) I am getting hungry!!!

I gotta go da Shark wants to eat!
Take care and be safe everyone.
Love Connie ; )
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