Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just us

Happy Tuesday it isa nice and Sunny day in my neck of the woods, a bit cold but it's nice out there.
Here it is.
The layout I've been wanting to share with everyone! This was taken at a friends house of Nathans before Winter Formal Dance. When he told me he was wearing purple I was so surprised. But look how handsome he looked!
Love this picture and loved how this layout came out.

Layout info
I used scrapbook paper: K&Co
Butterfly Punch: Martha Stewart
Border Punch:Martha Stewart
Ribbon: American Crafts
Doilies: Dollar Tree
Letters/Title:Heidi Grace

Everyone have a great day Connie :)
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Monday, February 27, 2012

It's a Thumbs up!!! and a random photo

Hot out of the oven!

After a Momma and 3 growing boys. Ok just to be clear I had 1 small serving of lasagna, 1 slice of garlic bread and a side salad. So pretty much I am blaming my kids!

Where I live we have Birds of Paradise everywhere, but for some reason this one got my attention as I walked by it. I didn't have Mr. Canon with me so the next best thing is my iphone and instagram(app for my iphone. love all the filters on this this app).

I didn't load a picture of the layout because I haven't had a chance to touch it yet. Here's hoping for tomorrow : )

Better get of this computer gotta do dishes, get kids in the shower and ready for school tomorrow.
Good night you all.
Connie : )
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White lasagna

Happy Monday everyone, 
Today here in California was a bit on the chilly side. I woke up to the sun than by 12 it was raining horribly. I felt so bad for the kids because it seemed to rain even harder when they were being released. But now we are in a warm cozy, smelling like lasagna home. This is the first time making this White lasagna and I came across from it from Pinterest. Yes I am at the place way to much, I have the app for the iphone so you can imagine!!!

I will chime in a lil bit later to let you know if we approve.
oh and maybe another scrapbook page I am working on. I was doing it for a scrapbooking challage for here
http://myscraproom.ning.com/ but I didn't finish it in time but that is ok because the ultimate goal is to just get my pictures off the phone, computer, and boxes and in scrpbooks!!!

talk to you all in a lil bit Connie :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little League

That's my baby up at bat. Look at his mouth it is like that everytime he is at bat.

Run, run, run Xavier!!! Look at that smile. It makes me wanna cry to see how much hw loves this game.

He played second base and left field. I asked him last night "what was your favorite part about your game today?" he responed "all of it!"
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a wonderful day.
Connie : )
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Noodle Love

Happy Sunday everyone,
Ok Ok I know I told you yesterday that I would be back but oppps just wasn't going to happen. Sorry!!!
Here is the layout I just finished. It is about how much my lil Xavier LOVES ramen noodles. Oh and it can only be the chicken kind. If it was up to him he would eat it every night. Yes it would make my life easier but ok that stuff is so unhealthy. So he has a bowl every once in a while like 3 or 4 times in a month in a while. oh and he can finish the whole bowl with no problems. Boy does he love this stuff!

I took pictures yesterday of the baseball game. You know what that means TONS of pictures, only 134 pictures but that will be the next post.

Connie : )
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good Saturday Morning

I can't believe that baseball season is back for my lil Xavier. He has been practicing for about a month now and today at noon is his first game of the season. This picture is actually from last year. I remember how excited he was to play catcher. He looked so big with all the gear he had to wear I really couldn't understand how he could even throw a ball. But he had a blast!
Xavier is now in AA which means 3 strikes and your out. A child will pitch, whoa thats alot of pressure for an 7/8 yr old.
So we will see how it goes. As i type( it 8 am) he just came to me and informed me that he is getting he gear together. I think he is ready!!!
Have a wonderful Saturday!!!

I will be back later to show another scrapbook page I finished last night. Wooohooo.
Connie : )
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday

This lil nephew of mine(the one in the black t-shirt) Max is 8 Today!!!!
Happy Birthday Max
We Love YOU
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Monday, February 20, 2012

More layouts completed

Oh sweet Xander. This is my sweet lil nephew, he isn't this tiny any more. From what I hear his ready to roam the streets.

This layout I did because I am taking the "Take Twelve Challange over at Elle Publishing http://www.ellapublishing.com/taketwelve
Take a look if your a scrapbooker you might want to try it yourself.

Dollar Store Fun Layout

Just a layout I completed.
Connie : )
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Story

Here I altered a blank wooden box that I got from the Dollar Tree which cost me $1! It seems that everytime I got to the Dollar store I always hear someone ask "How much is this?". I'm so serious it happens!
Back to my altered project I added some paint, scrapbook paper, embellishments and of course some pictures.
Oh and I made this for the WONDERFUL hubby!
Connie :)
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Road Trip mini album

Hello everyone Happy Friday!
This is an mini album I made not recently a little while back actually! I just realized that I had not shared. David and I + the kids decided to go on a road trip we didnt know where we wanted to go. Really had no clue!!! Vegas sounded good. San Diego can't go wrong there! But we had been to both those places and Hubby, David is not the type to back somewhere he's already been. So San Francisco was thrown out there and finally the Clueless Family decided to go see the Seqoias. We heard it was just stunning and they were right. So we packed a bag, just 1 bag and got in the car and drove. We got there checked it out, hung out and I took tons of pictures. It was so so pretty . The trees were bigger than huge and squirrels everywhere happily eating pinecones. They were so adorable. We left as it began to get dark and left with anticipation to come back.
Connie :)
Have a GREAT weekend.
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The end of the season

Nathan my oldest who graduates in June ( I can't believe it!!!) played his last High School soccer game on Tuesday. The team made it into the CIF(Finals) and played in Garden Grove(CA). Unfortunatly they lost so they are out : ( I finally took out Mr.Canon and got some pictures of him (oh and hes that handsome guy with the bright Orange jersey on and yes he is the Goalie).

Excuse this picture Xavier insisted I took a picture of him!

Connie :)
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Treats

are all done packaged up and ready for Tuesday.
I love me Valentines Day!
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I left the oven open

and of course the cat jumped in. Is there a place a cat won't get into??? And if you were wondering, the oven was NOT on! Look you can even see dinner up top. Something I made from pinterest. I will share that later.

Connie :)
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