Saturday, January 22, 2011

Valentine Table decorations

This 1 went to my neighbor.

Made 2 of these, now sitting at the dining table.

Close up!!! O.K that lil bird sooooooooooooo cute!

Mom look these are the Pumpkin Cream cupcakes YUMMY!!!
The Hubby and Kids approved that they are delicious.

If you would like the recipe you can get the recipe from
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Valentine wall decoration

This will be the very 1st time decrorating for Valentines.
I love valentines, love the colors and all the hearts! Makes my heart smile :)
This frame was just about to be thrown out to the trash.
The frame was all scratched up and was coming apart.
I decided to scratch the frame up some more with sand paper and the 1 corner where it was coming apart I grab my hot glue gun
(which is My favorite tool now)
and glued it backed together.
I took the glass out because I wasnt sure if the weight of the glass would make the frame come apart again.
And Tadaa a beautful new frame.
I stamped some hearts, cut them out and attached.
Added some patterned paper and ofcourse the cute lil bird.
That I got at Michael's in the dollar bin (24 lil birds in a box).
The sentiment is a stamp that I got from the dollar bin at Michaels also. Tied a peice of bakers twine.
Hot glued the Valentine/Heart ribbon to the back of the frame and hung!

I heart this Frame!!
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He sniffed them, dropped them, pushed them around. Definatly curious!!!

O.k Come on, he does look like he is posing in this shot. Right?

TFL Connie :)
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genetics project + cat

Our lovely cat Sammy

Hugos Genectic Family(project 7th grade Science)
Isnt this the cutest family you have ever seen.
Hugo had so much fun goin through my craft stach to make his lil family.
He was paired up with another student for this project. They both had to do this part he needed to include photos for the written part of the report so here comes Mom to take pictures. Unfortunatly Sammy was very curious or he just wanted to be photographed.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

off to Jr High!!!

Yes and Yeah another digital Layout. Oh this if fun!!!
This layout is of Hugo 6/2010 when he graduated from 6the grade.

TfL Connie
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Givin credit

Here is the info i said i was going to post. Sorry it took me a bit longer. I got back with my lil one and Nate had a soccer game that I had to get him to last minute. we had 45 mins to get him there (but was only suppose to take 20-30 min to get there) but with wonderful so cal traffic it took 1 hr and 20 min!!!! Poor kid got there 10 min before the game started.
unfortunatlty it was a lost.

As I type Xavier has decided he wants to sit in my lap and give me hugs.... what a sweet boy :)

O.K now off to play with Photoshop...... maybe I might just jump in bead with the wonderful sleeping hubby. I know he is nice and warm under the blankets and I am cold right now cuz our computer sits right next to a window and I AM COLD!!!

What to do????????????

Connie :) TFL

oh tomorrow is date nite off to our fav hangout Roscoes :)
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My 1st digi layouts

Hey Mom Thanks for my Xmas gift!!!
Look what I did with it. Isnt it Fabulous!!!!

Ok I need to give credit to the wonderful people whp came up with this digi kits..... but shoot I need to run to pick up my lil 1.

so will be back to give you the info.....
Connie TFL
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

2 new and 1 old

New Layout: My baby brother and his Fiance Jessica enjoying a sweet vacation in NYC!

New Layout:Nate and our sweet kitty Sammy. Sammy is not your typical cat, he does not like to be held or sit in your lap and be petted. He prefers to hide under someones bed or in someones closet and just sleep,sleep and sleep.

Our family loves to go to San pedro and eat shrimp and fish ohhhh and you can't forget the Churros that are filled with yummy delicioious filling of your choice. Xavier on the other hand just gets fries and all sorts of sweets instead.
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Our Christmas Day

Sammy our lil kitty lookin*sniffin*for his Xmas gifts.
Santa brought sammy tons of empty boxes to jump in and out of!

Xavier giving me his chessy smile and holding 1 of his Xmas gift
Can you guess what Santa brought him. If you guessed a baseball bat your correct!

Unfortunatly this was all the pics I got for christmas :( Can you believe that i did not think to check my camera and make sure that the batteries are charged!

Connie :(
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Yes I know I said I was going to post a pic of the Thanksgiving card sooner!!!
Sorry :(
But here it is.
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