Monday, February 15, 2010

just a window

as I was sitting on my bottom reading and playing with my camera I looked over to the window and saw this and for what ever reason i thought it looked cool.
Good night
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Just a lil something of my fur baby Sammy.
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DOF with flowers

I did the same here a low f# the 1st picture everything is in focus and the 2nd only the flower is in focus.

Same with this flower. I am thinking tomorrow I will go out and take a picture of it until it fully blooms.
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he was insist....

Between playing with my camera I had to give Xavier lunch and he wanted my lean cusine pizza that was in the frezzer. I told him he wouldnt like it because it had mushrooms on it but he was insist on having it!! So this is what happend he took everything off and ate everything else!!!

This is him explaining that he just wants the cheese and crust!!! Look at that expression on his face.
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DOF with a heart

This 1st one had the sun from the window behind it.

These 3 I turned it around and used a low f#. These came out soooo cool. Yes this is 1 of the eraser from the valentine's bags I made for xaviers class

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playing with my camera

again!!! i really want to g0 manual and quite letting the camera set the settings. So I jump on the computer and started reading up on ISO, aperture and shutter speed. i took notes to keep in my camera bag to be prepared for the next time I take pictures. So on this 1st picture I got down low to the same level of the table and set a Low DOF(depth of feild or F#) so I could only focus on 1 or a few color pencils, I am happy how this effect works only a little is in focus the rest is blurred.

This second picture is just standing on top of a chair and letting the camera do the work
I did a few more let me show you
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I am a happy camper because

I have been able to scrap!!! I have been on a roll. I was busy last week with the kids valentine's I made little boxes with a treat inside for Hugo's class and for Xavier I just made lil bags with pencils, erasers a lil game and a treat inside. thank goodness for the Dollar Tree because I spent very little for 23 bags. These pictures on this layout are of when the boys went ice skating for the 1st time in El Paso, TX. The pictures came out awful but I had to scrapbook this moment. Also because I was ice skating with Xavier I wasnt able to get a pic of us! Not a happy camper about that. But ice skating was a blast Nate and Hugo can't wait to go again! xavier on the other hand was not liking the whole slipping and falling!!!

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and this is how the day ended!

With lots of brotherly love and a bowl of YUMMY thrifty ice cream!!! :)

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more pics

Yes more pics of Valentines day.
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Is it me or .....

is Hugo starting to change to a young man??? He has his moments when he still looks all young and babyish cute but I am starting to see him change to a young man. :(
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avoids me like the plague....

gee whiz it seemed like everytime I turned to take a picture of Nathan he would go down under water. URGGHHHHH, one nice shot of nathan would be nice!!! :(
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ready set JUMP!!!!

just a lil more pics of Xavier. When Xavier wears his bubble he really gets brave!!! I am pretty sure if he didnt wear his bubble he would be just fine. His bubble is his security blanket at the pool. :)
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@ the pool on Valentine's Day

Yes we are swimming and hanging out at the POOL! It was a lovely warm day. Got to Love Cali!!!

Xavier lucked out his twin friends Hunter and Colin were at the pool also!

Really liking this picture Xavier just sitting there and chatting. I wonder what they were talking about???
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