Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines day!!!

Tables and tables and more tables ready for kids to play chess.
Here Hugo is playing a game of chess. He really enjoys playing this game!!!
During lunch Nathan wanted to play, so here they are. I don't think Nate won a game against Hugo.
We had to go to Hemet for the Chess tournament which is about 20 min away. it started @ 8am and we got out of there @ 2pm. Hugo played 11 games of chess and got 4th place. He recieved a medal. Good Job Hugo!!! So this was how we spent our Valentines. David had to work so I just hung out with my boys.
I hope everyone had a Great Valentines Day and a Great weekend!!!
Love Connie ; )
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Just more pics.....

2 tissues are better than 1 when it's just wont stop running!!!(why didnt I think of that)

Those cheeks are truly that good!!! (love the frog Pj's!!!)
My Favorite Pic " LOVE @ 1st SIGHT"
Wishing that the rain would stop already!!!! (how cute is this!)
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Hugo's Valentine treats.....

Yes I made Hugos Vaentines cards too. Why buy them when i can make them myself. I bought a bag of lollipops' who doesn't like blowpops! So all i did was cut out 33 hearts decorate with black pen made 2 holes and slid the lolipop stick through. and taadaa all done. Hugo thought they were cool! So that made me HAPPY!!!
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Sharks Friendship tags....

HI!! So here is Shark making his friendship tags for his preschool on Thursday. You say Friendship??? well yes! they do not celebrate Valentines day so they called it Freindship week! What is this world coming to. The preschool didnt even celebrate Christmas. But anyways, here he is ofcourse I made the tags on the computer, printed them and added some ribbon added a pic of Xavier and then I had him write his friends name. tada and his tags are done! This cost me nothing I used everything from my scrapbooking stash.
He looks so cute writing the names. My last baby is growing up : (
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