Thursday, March 20, 2014

My life right now

My life right now is about looking for a washer, dryer, and a Fridge! Lists, list of things I need to look into and Also waiting!!! What I am I waiting for you might ask? Let me tell you!!! We bought a house! OK not just yet but we are in escrow and  underwriting is happening and now we just have to wait! My goodness when did the prices of appliances shoot up? WOW I was shocked when we went looking. Crazy!!!  Unbelievable!!!
I have been shopping around, price matching , looking for the best deal and also reviews I have to check those out too! I don't want a piece of crap especially if I have to spend in the thousands!!!
Any of you have any brands you LOVE? Please tell I would like to hear your opinions.
To give myself a break from the appliance shopping and to take away some stress from the waiting game I went to my local Daiso store and found these adorable memo stickies. They are just SO SO SO CUTE!!! Even the boys and Hubby thought they were cool! So you know they gotta be something special!

As always Thanks for looking and listening
Connie :)

Bows Challenge

Here is my  layout for challenge #4
 I had to use bows
My son is so goofy he makes so may funky faces when I am trying to get a picture of him. I have learned that I have to catch him off guard or this is what I will get!!! On the positive side he makes me laugh when I go back and look at the pictures.

Thank you all for looking. Next challenge is to use Banners.

My Happy Place

Good Morning,

So happy to be here and post some scrapbook pages. I got 2 done last night!!! This week well actually just Tuesday and yesterday we actually had some down time. I scrapped, Hubby took a nap, and the boys were on the computer or just watching t.v. No soccer practice and no explorers meeting! But you know it all has to come to an end!!! Today and tomorrow night we have dinners we have to attend. Which isn't all that bad because than I don't have make dinner. ;) and the house is clean laundry is washed at least for the mean while. Does your laundry pile up? I do 2 loads of laundry a day and still full dirty baskets when I get up the next day. What the heck??? oh well I know I should be grateful I have kids laundry to do cuz all too soon the kids grow up and move on. OK well let's get back to the scrapbook pages ( opps sorryI got side tracked).

This layout is for challenge #3 I had to use sparkles
My kids and Hubby are Definitely MY HAPPY PLACE

Hopefully you can see on the sun I used gold stickles and also stickles on "your my happy place".
I pushed myself to add more layers and I loved how it came out. But I kept asking myself  "is that too many layers?" I like it and I have plenty of scraps to use up!
Loved and You are my happy place was cut out using my silhouette (Love that machine).

OK Thanks for looking now off to the next blog post for Challenge #4 Bows

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Another layout WOOHOO!!! It feels good to get some scrapbook pages done. Thanks to these challenges from this blog
I have been on the Project life kick since last year in July so I am on catch up mode.
It bothers me some days that I need to catch up but others day I say "OH WELL!!!" I just keep documenting. The only thing that does bother me all the time I have to say is that I am not catching the true feeling or emotion when I am doing my Project Life.
For instance when I was working on week 13 of last yr. It was my sons Birthday and we found out when he was leaving for Basic/Air Force! I remembering being so Happy, Proud, and Sad that day! I was SO happy for him because  he was doing something he wanted!!! I was SO SAD because I knew this would more likely be the last time that I would wake up put up that Happy Birthday sign up, buy a cake, and balloons for him :(
And I of course I was Proud of him because he wants to serve and protect his country! He is willing to put his life in harms way for the US! oh and also he is following our families tradition by being in the MILITARY!
I can remember this but what about the little every day things! I want to remember those too that's why I started project life. So I tell myself  "let's get to knocking out those PL pages!" NOW if only there was more crafting time available!!!!

But for now lets show you all this completed layout of me and my wonderful HUBBY!!!
My challenge for this layout is to use doilies. If you want to join in check out the blog

till next challenge (which is up already I have to use bling, stickles, glitter 
or anything that sparkles!) Connie 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Looking good!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

Today I will be sharing with you a layout I made for a challenge using layers on a scrapbook page. C'mon you know you what to join in on some challenges. Challenges really help me use my stash and BELIEVE me I need to use my stuff!!! So head over to the blog  follow the rules and get creative! Oh and they will be giving away prizes!!! Who doesn't want free scrappy items?

These good looking guys are my Hubby and my BIL. They got all drssed up for my sons Explorers Graduation. My BIL came down from Tx just for the graduation! A very special day.

Can you see my layers??? I used layers behind my photo, I added a layer with modeling paste (the zigzag, This was the 1st time using modeling paste on a layout! FUN!) Also there is layering with the faux washi tape and embelishments. 

Next challange is up (you can see it here and I have to use doilies!!! Ok I know I have dollar store doilies in my stash and I have bought a bunch of doilies on my silhouette. So what shall I use????  I think I will visit pinterest and get some ideas! 
Till next time, Connie :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Look on tthe BRIGHT side!!!!

Sometimes life puts you in places you never thought you would be in!
So after 2 yrs I have come back to my blog, I think I have finally  learned or accepted the changes in my life and you just have to make the best of it. Now I hope I haven't worried anyone. Nothing BAD has happened to me or my family just I think an inner battle within myself.

For example I battle with myself that I was or we as a family were affected with the whole housing bubble and for a long time I hated telling people that we didn't have our house anymore and we are living in an apartment. I guess I felt that they would think less of me! But why should I care?!!!! See there is that battle with myself! But TODAY I am OK with it! I have grown or maybe just accepted it!

Another battle is with my children. I have 3 boys, 19,15, and 9. Lets start with my baby OK I know he isn't a baby but HONESTLY all 3 are my babies OK the youngest one. X is lovable, minecraft fan and loves to play soccer!!! Oh and he is not a fan of reading and this is a big problem in the educators eyes. I was told by his teacher that she felt he had an attention issue, REALLY because he doesn't like to read!!! I as a parent of 2 other boys I know (OK I know I am not a doctor!) he is fine! But when I hear this from his teacher I feel as I am not doing enough and I am bad mom! I did get him in tutoring and they say he is good and just needs some help in comprehension. That was a relief. Now let me tell you about my oldest, he is in the Air Force and arrived at his 1st duty station last month. Wow I didn't know this was going to be so hard having him gone!!! I really thought I was going to be OK when he left but I was wrong. It has gotten easier but some days can get hard! But I always put on a happy face for the family it's not fair for the other 2 to see me sad.
Oh let's not forget the middle boy he is 15 1/2 and wants to drive!!! WTH I am not ready for this!!! Because you know what will happen next right???? He will never be home, than next thing I know he will be graduating from high school and than GONE!!!! Really whoever came up with the saying " Time Flies!" they were not joking! I guess right now I would just like things to slow down!!! But everyone around me is going a million miles!!! SLOW DOWN people!

I have a crafting battle too!!! I am to insecure to share all my completed projects! Yes there are some on this blog but it drives me nuts I worry that it isn't good enough! I know my projects are for me and my family and who cares what anyone thinks!

Let me not care what anyone thinks and share what the Hubby and the boys got for Valentine's Day. I got these cute pails at Target and I filled with some candies, and of course a handmade card.

I found this today on instagram and had to share!!!
Till next time, Connie