Monday, April 27, 2009

Another layout

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You know I had too

I love how happy David looks!!!
This picture came out so good! Love it!!!
So you know I had to make everyone pose for pictures.
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scenery pictures

I love this pic of the seagull sitting on the sign!!!
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Zuma Beach in Malibu

What a view!!!!

So yesterday we went on a road trip to Malibu and Santa Monica it was a beautiful day to hang out at the beach.
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love the pink....

So the flowers were so pretty I just had to some pictures.
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Soccer game pitures

just some pictures of him(Nano) before the game.
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Big Brother love!!!

One things for sure Xavier sure loves his big brother. I love how I captured this moment. Xavier running to him and then him hugging his leg.
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he smiles....

i asked him "why do you have to look so mean when I take pictures of you????" He gave me a big smile and I caught it!!!
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More Bday Pictures

I love these 2 pictures of her she looks so happy!!!

Mickey helping Kyleigh hit the pinata. i think he just wanted to hit the pinata. He eventually did!!!
She said"Look Connie I have candies" And boy did they eat some candies that day!!!
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Dont blow them out YET!!!!

Here is Kyleigh waiting patiently to blow out her candles!
We were not ready for her to blow out the candles but she did anyways!!!
Blowing them out at the right time! mommy and daddy thought it would be funny to buy the candles that you cant blow out!
Here she is enjoying her birthday cake!!!
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The Glasses....

These glasses were very popular at Kyleighs Birthday pary. But I have to admit Mickey wore them them the best!!!
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Sweet Sassy Kyleigh

Cousins and Best Friends!!!
Hiding from mom because she taking pictures again!!!! Hahaha but mom got you!!
Here are a few pics of the lil ones on Easter.
With love
Connie : )
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