Thursday, March 26, 2009

a book of colors for Xavier

Here is something I made for Xavier.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Catchin up!!!!

So yes I just posted a ton of pics, this is my way of catchin up on my blogging. This pic of me and Hugo was taken with our new web cam. I know everyone and their mom already has a web cam, now we finally have one.
Hey mom thanks for visiting and thanks for everything!!!!
Love ya Connie
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more creations

just a couple of birthday cards that I made last night.
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more creations of mine

a lil something I made for my mom

a layout of Xavier and Austin
you know those wooden clips you use to hang cloths outside on the the line well this is what they look like when they are painted and dressed up. I also added a piece of magnet on the back side.
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hugo's school pic

I am not feelin this picture of Hugo. He kinda looks like he wants to cry. I asked him and he "NO". But anywho here is his school picture.
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Yoshio bought this toy also. THANKS! the boys are enjoying it. They used it once cuz well it's only been warm enough once. Even then it wasnt that warm but it was warm enough for them.
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love the faces

I just love the faces Xavier is making. Tio yoshio bought xavier and kyleigh this jumper. Thanks yoshio, now Xavier wants to go to ba's house all the time and never wants to leave!!!
thanks Yoshio xavier really loves it!!!
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The look....

o.k whats up with the look kyleigh???? She would give me this look every time she would catch me taking pictures of her.
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@ Ba's house

Chessy fingers, chessy lips, and chessy faces this is what you get when you give xavier and Kyleigh a bag of cheetos.
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Tio Yoshio

Here is Tio Yoshio with all his nephews and 1 lil neice.
Xavier was so thrilled to hear his Tio Yoshio was home on leave. He was so happy to see him (so were all of us!)
Where is the other brother? Well here's just 2 of them .
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Nathans birthday

Yes we are celebrating Nathans birthday a bit late but that is because gramdma was coming in town so we waited for her. My 1st baby is now 15. Wow it's been 15 years , Time truly flies by.
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Time for weddings!!!

My mom got into town on Sat 3/14 and we went to a wedding and here we are goofing around with camera.

Here is the serious pic!

Here we are me and Hubby, WOW we clean up good.

O.k now just me and my mom. (Mom where are you? inside joke)
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Backyard Diggin!

Was not in the mood for me to take pics.
Still not in the mood!!! if looks could kill!!
NOW he is in the mood, Finally!

ohhhh watch out Xavier , Austin is goin to get your shoe!!! Austin favorite toy-Xaviers Crocs.
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