Monday, June 28, 2010

Thats it. atleast for now :)

and just 1 more of the 2 parakeets :)

Now the kids are officially on summer break. This year no year round school they are stuck with me till aug 30th.
I can already forsee the summer flying by with Nathan playing 3 games of soccer a week till the end of july. that will definatly keep us busy. So you all know what that means for all you all... Yeah tons of soccer pictures!!! Just playin, We've gone to 4 games so far and have not takin 1 picture!!! What is wrong with me??? But definatly in july you will see pics of Hugo's Pool Party. He is turning 12. WOW 12! Oh yeah at Hugos promotion I had a revelation that 2 yrs from now I will have 1 graduating from High School and 1 moving into High School. Ok that is a really BIG WOW!!!

well you all take care I am off to put shark to bed and me too. Tomorrow nowhere to go so plans are to watch the world cup and then hit the pool and just enjoy a day of nowhere to go and nowhere to be!!!
Nite and you all have a Great day tomorrow.
Connie :)
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prom pics YES MORE!

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ba and Hugo

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Hugo and his teacher Mrs.Davis. Unfortunate due to budget cuts she got pink slipped :(
the promotion was held at his school. Isnt his certificate and pic cool. They didn't this back in my days.
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Xavier with me and daddy

Ok what is up with shark! I am thinking he just has a problem with me. Look 3 pics with mom and he will not stop for a moment and smile at the camera!! URGGGGGGGGGGG.!!!
Oh but with daddy he is a SAINT!!!
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6 grade promotion

a few pics of Hugo at his promotion.
Off to 7th grade!!!
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Xavier with his Kinder Teacher. C'mon can't I get 1 pic where they are both lookin at me???? NO!
The school does not make a big deal for kinder graduation but the teacher did hand out awards.

Hugo was in a Myth Play on the 17th. It was quite funny. They put a hip current twist to it. Like I said it was funny and very entertaining!! Oh but what the heck, we could not Hugos togo to stay on him. he wouldn't let me figure it out. He know how to do it!!!
He ended up having to hold up. Which drove me insane!!! But hey he had fun and that is what matters.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a lil video from Kern River

Thats all Folks!!!

Love the purple flowers up on that hill. Have no clue what kind of flowers they were but they sure were beautiful!!!

ok I didnt think I could take so many pictures of rocks and water. But I did.
I have to say it again, this place was just sooooooooooo beautiful!!!

Till next time Kern River I will miss you!!! :(
I seriously never thought camping could be so relaxing.
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a lil pic of me and david

YES I had to have David pull over so I could get some shots. My family was so patient with me. Thanks GUYS for letting me take over 200 pics!!! I love you guys SOOOOOOOOOO MUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHHHHH!!!
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Bye Bye Kern River

Pictures as we left.
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Campsite #17 Gold ledge

This was our home this past weekend.
1 tent $70
lil bbq grill $15
food $100
A weekend with just the Family PRICELESS!!!

Definetly something we will never forget.
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