Sunday, November 21, 2010

Layouts and a peek of Thanksgiving cards

Supplies for my Thanksgiving cards.

Both layouts are of David and Xavier at Disneyland in 4/2010
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All caught up & Halloween

This Halloween we walked around our neighborhood and the kids got a good amount of candy.
Hugo was this skull monster guy(got at walmart). Older Kids and some parents thought it was cool, the little kids were scared of him(Hugo was such a sweetheart when someone was scared he would take his mask off and show them his face).
Xavier was Mario this yr. He knew from the get go what he wanted to be this year. I am so happy that walmart had the costume and at a resonable price. I just will NOT spend more that $25 for a costume.
And for my Nathan, he just went walking around with his friends.

So that is it I am all caught up!!! PHEW..................
Next is some new layouts I''ve been working on.
I have thanksgiving cards to show but I don't want to spoil it for the people who are receiving them.
So I will show them later.
Now I am planning for Xmas cards.
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Someone turned 35

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Hugo is back

into playing soccer.
He has been taking a break from the game but I think he has found his groove again.
Time will tell.....
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Xavier Goalie

Xavier played AYSO this year and the season just ended this saturday.
He had fun which was to be expected but what surprised me was that he wanted to play goalie the whole game.
I think he wants to be like his big brother!!!
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Santa Monica Pier

After hanging out at Leo Carrillio we went down to the Santa Monica Pier.
Me and David had been there before but we have never taken the kids.
This little adventure was taken on 8/20/2010
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more of Leo Carrillo

While my better half was napping me and my sweet crazy Xavier took some funny pictures of ourselves.

They have a bunch of these rock piles. Big ones little ones it was pretty cool!
The fog rolled in and it looked pretty eerie.

O.k now about the SEAGULLS.
We made a huge a mistake about feeding 1 seagull a chip. We, the family then decided to go for a stroll.
We were enjoying the scenery, the water and sand in our toes and THEN we looked back to where our stuff was(which was chairs, cooler, and a beach bag with our munchies in it) there was a zillion(ok really not that many) of seagulls all over our stuff!!!
Hugo and Nathan ran as fast as they could too see what was going on.
Well that 1 seagull that I gave a chip decided to go tell all his seagull friends and ransacked all our chips and munchies!!!
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The tide pools

Leo Carrillio is famous for it tide pools.
It was fun looking for lil creatures.
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Leo Carillio in Malibu, Ca

Sittin back watching the waves crash is my favorite thing to do at the beach. Oh and the sand on my right knee, Xavier trying to build a sand castle.

oh and of course putting my toes in the sand is a must do!!!

and my better half had a quick nap.
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M.I.A & update

Wow it has been 3 months since my last post. I have been caught up in the boys school and AYSO.
What a bad bad me. My lovely baby brother scolded me because I havent put up any pics. So Sorry Bro.
He is working off shore right now.....You be safe my lil brother. Love you

I will be putting up many pics today so please beware!!!
This pic was taken in Malibu. I was laying back relaxing and caught this seagull soaring by.

Next post will be of us at Malibu.......
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