Sunday, September 13, 2009

His Teddy Bear

This teddy bear that Xavier drags along with him every where was given to him by his Tio Yoshio. This bear is every were with Xavier. On the sofa when he is watching t.v., at the table when he is eating and the bear HAS to be with him when he goes to bed. This bear is still nameless even though he(Xavier) has thought of a few but he always changes his mind and becomes nameless again .
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a day as a kinder

How ironic he found a shark and showed it to me when I decided to take a picture of him!!!

One day out of the week (thursday) the kids in the kinder class wear a shirt that matchs the color of the week. This week was orange.
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Xavier Soccer picture day 09/05/09

These pictures were taken on Opening day/Picture day. I love how cute he came out.
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Xaviers 1st soccer game!!!!

Here is my baby playing his very 1st soccer game. He looked so cute. He did well the majority of the time and well the other time he would talk to the other players. But about 99% of the time he was running after the ball. He scored 2 goals but at this age it dosn't matter!!! Ok i lie it does. He had fun and I had a blast watching him play!!!
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