Sunday, August 23, 2009

Close To My Heart Card KIt

Did you know that next month is National Stamping Month!!! Well if you didn't now you do!!! Well Close to My Heart is celebrating a little early and wants to celebrate it with you by selling you this card kit(08/18-9/30). Or you can get for free!!! I can hear you now asking how? So I shall share. To be able to recieve this card kit for free all you have to do is either a) purchase $60 in stamps sets, excluding SOTM (of course all you have to do is go to my CTMH or I can order for you, which ever you prefer.)
or b) enroll to be a new consultant. or c)Be a hostess and collect $400 in product.
If these options are not good for you than you can purchase it outright for $39.95 item# CC1006B.
If you have any questions contact me anytime.
Thanks Connie :)
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 days.....

Ok his skin looks ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. We all are peeling. face, backs , shoulders. Not pretty! I remember growin up our familly would go the Hueco Club all the time in the summer!!!! This place was so cool. I wish my kids had something like that. But anyways I remember being that we spent so much time their my dad used to get burnt and he would peel like a snake. I know gross but as a kid I remember pulling it off of him, it was kinda cool!(i know gross!!) Hugo has the same facination with peeling. He was peeling my skin off my back the other night. FUNNY!!!

2 days is how many days it takes my kids to go through a box of cookie crisp!!!
Connie :)
Yes I am taking pics of everything I am trying to learn how to us the camera on manual! So if you have any tips for using a SLR camera Please share. my biggest problem right now is taking pictures in the house or at night they(the pics) are coming out kinda yellowish. I tryed messing around with the WB but that only help a lil bit.

Connie :)
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more of my creations

I made these cards the day before yesterday. They were made for 2 special friends in my life!!! They were mailed out yesterday. Check your mailboxes and see if you got one!!!! GO NOW!!! Hurry!!!
Connie :)
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he must of been thirsty....

HI again.
Just some shots of my fur baby, Sammy. Yes he is drinking from the spout. It is actully funny to watch. first he has to smell it and then he will drink it. The water cant be running full blast he wont drink it then but if you let the water flow pretty slow than he goes for it. He had water in his water bowl i guess he was to lazy to get down and walk to it???

Oh and the 1st pic of him, He is so hamming up the camera!!! I have trained him to pose for pics. now if only I could train the rest of the family! :)

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Let's play dominos Mom

Here he is asking me how many he is suppose to have. He had too many...
Here he is waiting for me to stop taking pics, but seriously it looks like he is planning his game!!!
I am still taking pics so he decided not to wait for me anymore and he picked mine for me.
Well this one is just a sweet picture of Xavier. I love how the dominio is in focus and everything is blurred. I wanted to focus how much he likes to play dominos and his lil smile express how he enjoys the game so much.

(Random pics of yesterday)
Connie :)
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The outcome

So the outcome of the tourney was that the team got 2nd Place. Not a happy group but the boys worked their butts off!
the boys between games goofing around and eating tons of food especially candy!!! Oh yeah and tryin to hook up with some girls!
Shark happy as usual!! :)
He is such a happy Boy.

Ok now i am really going to bed!!!
nite nite Connie ;)
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more pics and Good Night ;)

I sooooooooooo love this pic of shark!!!

Ok it's late and ready to go to sleep.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Good Night and Sweeet Dreams
Connie ;)
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i am so happy I got some good shots of nate.
He is usually hiding from me or makin a fake smile.
How do you like his banana tounge!!! ( it's a peice of candy)
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Nano takin a shot!!!!

I love to take these sequence pics. It's so cool!
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Nate Sat games

Just some shots of Nate Sat at his game. The team won 1 and tie one.

The boys were so happy here at this moment. They just won their game.
Didnt get a chance to post these Sat night, we got home late and then relaxed and went to sleep.
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

@ the pool

The photos explain what we did yesterday. Hung out at the POOL. Boy do my boys love being at the pool. Well for me I love it too cuz they get worn out!!!

Have a great weekend! :)
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happy together Layout

I made this layout last night.
These pics were when my family came down in May and we took tio Ernie to go eat at San Pedro.
I have a ton of other pics I think i am going to make a mini ablum but still working out the details.
I am so happy I got a pic of my mom and dad together I dont have many of those I always try to take pics of them when they are here. I know later on I will be glad I did! Oh and Me and David got a pic also. I have started handng the camera over to nate to take a quick pic of us. I was thinkin I want to make a layout of pics of me and david together. I dont have to many so shouldnt be to difficult. But It would be nice!

Well off to Nates's game crazy times today 1 and 6pm and tomorrow 11 and 3.
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Lucky Layout

Just a lil somethin I made the other day.
This pic was taken at Zuma beach in Malibu Ca.
Ofcourse I had to make the boys pose. They get so frustated with me Because I always make them pose and take pics!
Connie :)
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