Thursday, April 29, 2010

recent layouts.

Us eating our FAVORITE *Ice Cream*.
Us at Disneyland. Who says that a 16 yr old cant have fun on the Teacups. It was fun for Nathan because he was attempting to make his mom(me) puke!!!

This layout of when we went to El Paso for the Brut Sun Bowl game. We had so much fun. The boys are already asking if we are going next yr which is actully the end of this year. I sure hope so! I had a blast. Hey Mom Lets hope this time we will have time to go to walmart!
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Monday, April 12, 2010

the end.

This part was beautiful. We could see the fireworks going off from Disneyland.

A very tired dad and son!
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The Electrical Parade

was so cool. i am so HAPPY we stayed to watch it. We were exhausted at this point and were so ready to go home. I cant remember when was the last time I saw this parade. Worth the wait. The boys asked me who that Green Dragon was ??? lol
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Our Favorite Rides

were the spooky hotel ride(this is what Xavier called it) we got on it twice and Xavier loved this ride I think if we would of let him he would of just got on it all day. The Toy story ride was really a good interactive ride. FUN!

Ok how cool is Mr Potato Head. This ride was so much fun worth the 45 min wait.
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Chew-Chew train ride

In the Bugs life section. Cute but Xavier was not liking these slow rides. we got on this ride only and then off to find a "fast ride"!

See what did I tell you about Xavier not looking at the camera!!!!
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Taking a break

from the warm weather with a nice cold ice cream. Thurday weather was in the mid 80's so it was pretty warm. oh I forgt to share in the earlier pics that Xavier got a kick out of the Monster Inc ride. He was so amazed. Also went in the 3d Muppet show too. Ok that was so funny and cute. Brought me back to my younger days!!! My Mrs. Piggy days. Mom you know what I am talking about!!!
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Ca Adventure

On Wed we took a day off and stayed home and did nothing. Thursday we headed out to California Adventure. I have to say that I prefer Ca adventure. It is so less stressful than Disneyland. Yes I know it's" Disneyland" but still. We got on the Soarn Ca ride which was really cool. Oh and Xavier really liked the Mullholund ride ( a mini fast zippidy rollar coaster ride).
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Boys get on Teacups too

Loving these pics of us on the teacups. Ok do you how difficult it was to get the older ones on the teacups. But I got them on. YEAH!!!
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David ridin in a lil airplane with Xavier.

Ok how old is Nano???

Making the best of it waiting in line for Autotopia.
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more lines

In line waiting for Matterhorn. Yes Xavier is in line too. Ok he loved this ride. This boy is going to grow up and be a dare devil. He kept on asking if he could go back on the FAST rides. Crazy boy!!! I honestly think Xavier enjoyed the fast rides more than Nano did.

Nathan being a great BIG Brother holing his lil bro tht by this time was getting a lil tired of waitng in lines. We were waiting in ling for the FAST train ride. That was what Xavier called it. i can't remember what it is called right now. OOOPPsss
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