Friday, January 22, 2010

Yes a Scrapbook pg of Nathan

Okay It sounds really weird saying this but I love love love this layout I did.
Nathan has a habit of saving his tags and paper bags and shoe boxes from when he goes shopping which he did this past weekend. This boy loves to go shopping for clothes and shoes for himself. And I am so happy that he does because he is picky and I think I have gotton a bit old because some of the clothes he chooses are well how can I put it nicely??? Ok I want say anything. As long as he likes it and wears the clothes than I am Happy!!! Okay Just one thing, Skinny jeans for boys and men??? How do they walk I know as a girl /women that the majority of the times ok all the time those tight a** jeans are so Uncomfterable!!! See I dont get it!!!

Oh yeah I forgot to share the story behind the earlier layout I did of Xavier. These pics were takin at my Moms house in El Paso TX. We were down there for the Sun bowl 12/29-1/3/10 and to visit ofcourse. We had a blast!!! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything!!! Xavier was playing Guitar Hero and he looked so cute. Also the paper was so appropriate for the pics. I love his lil barefooted feet!!! The floor was frezzing and he would not leave his socks on or put on his flip flops!!!

Ok its pretty late so I better go head to my warm bed.
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My lil Rock star

Here is another scrapbook page i finished today. I been trying to keep my mind busy cuz hugo(the middle one) has been away at Science Camp up in Lake arrowhead. Which with this weather I have been worried sick. Thank Goodness the school has been good to check in wth the parents everyday via the school website. They put up photos also so that was extra nice. the kids were suppose to get in today at noon but with the weather being so bad the school buses couldnt get to them because they had to have chains. So how are the kids getting home ??? Luckly the school dristrict up there called Rim of the World have chains for the tires for their buses. So their buses got the kids brought them down where our buses could go. So Hugo finally made it home around 4pm. He had a blast but missed home. He was amazed at how much snow their was. He has never seen snow so this was so special for him. He liked the food that they feed them so that was good too!!! I am so Happy to have my nano home!!! Nano had a funsaver with him so tomorrow I am going to get it developed. I can't wait to see the pics and scrapbook them, hmmm............................. I think if he got enough decent pics I will have to make a mini album. Yeah I have cute snow flakes stamps...........Mind wondering with ideas................................................................................................................................................. Ok I'm Back.

Now to bad news, xavier started complaining that his check was hurting today which turned to his ear hurting to crying and rolling around on the floor holding his ear.(my poor baby :( ) I drugged him up with Motrin(thank goodness for motrin!!!) called the dr and got him to see the dr in 3 hrs. The diagnosis was an ear infection. which he got because he had or kinda still has a cold. He is doing good overall so that is good. He was fighting with Nano and getting into my scrapbooking things, so he's good.

Well I hope all my friends and Family all have a great weekend. Nothing goin on here so that means I can scrapbook!!!! YEAH!!!
Bye Connie :)
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

recent scrapbook pages

Just some scrapbook pages I got done.