Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thats it

Another cute pic of us LOVEBIRDS

Another POse for mom PIc

POOr Einstien

LOOk at his chest hair! So funny!
Friday we went to the water park. we all tons of fun. Xavier had a BLAST.
I didnt take any pics I left the camera and just had fun!!!

Thanks for Looking
Connie :)
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Dont remember the name of this ride

But it was so fun. Hugo did not want to go with me on theis ride at 1st but then he changed his mide. Than I told him that I was going to pick level 5 and he pleaded with me to do level 3 (You get to choose what level you want) I said "Heck NO" so I went on my own. It was so much fun. Look I am upside down. I couldnt stop laughing!!!
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Hugos Fav

The Aquazone was Hugos favorite ride. I got on atleast 5 times.
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Shark inside a shark

My shark inside of a shark. if you dont know Xaviers nickname is Shark.

I squezzed in a lil tight but it worked out.

Just chillin with the skipper.
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me and the boys

waiting in line at another ride

On a flying ride with Xavier

More cool Lego statues!
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I got such a kick out of these guys. They moved and played music!!
Its amazing what they buildout of legos!!!
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taking a nap

They were really exhusted!!!

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Why those faces???

As the boys were waiting in line to get on their ride we posed with the Local Policeman. He was so nice.but he didnt say much.

AWHHHH arent we cute!! I think so

I dont think the guys were happy with the policeman.
I really don't know why they made those angry faces!!!
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Which way should we go???

Xavier couldnt wait to get on another ride. He was so excited!!!

I would definetly go in the direction of HAWAII!!!

But we decided to take another route to Driving School. Ok when Hugo starts driving am not going to worry but Xavier on the other had, OMG that dude swerved all over the place bumped people. And over the intercom they kept repeating stay on the right side of the lane! I wonder if the were talking to my son? I think SO!

We got 10 more yrs to practice !!!
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more rides

This is the name of the 1st ride

this was their 2nd ride

"HUURY" i say "Pose for the camera!!!"

they went up and up and then would let go. GOOD exercise for them. I didnt get on looks like too much work!!! Anyways I had to take pictures :)
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1st ride

The 1st ride of the day. Here is Hugo

This is the veiw from our lil car we were riding in. You had to pedal the whole way or the car would stop. I didnt believe it at 1st so me and Hugo stopped pedaling and we came to a HALT!

LOOK no Braces but I do have my retainer in, I have to wear it ALL day . How does anyone talk with their retainer. I cant I sound so SILLY!!! Maybe I will just keep my mouth shut. Yeah if you know me That aint gonna happen!!!
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