Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It started to shake!!!

Hello everyone. I hope all my friends and family are doing well! We are doing great over here. I got phone calls regarding the earthquake we had yesterday.Thanks for checking in on me and the family! A bit nerve rattling I was sitting in the car when it started to shake. First I thought it was a strong wind ( cuz it gets a bit windy @ hugos practice, that is why I was in the car hugo was @ soccer camp.) But then I realized NO it is a earthquake. Most of you all know that I am not from cali so this earth shaking crap really freaks me out!!! i havent felt many maybe 3 or 4 small ones but this one just kept going! after it finished I called Hubby cuz hubby was @ home with Nathan and Shark. Shark 1st asked what is that noise and why are we moving!!! It was so funny when I got home I asked him about it and he said "MOM we were moving" and he did this wiggling thing with his fingers he also said he was scared(POOR BABY).Now Nathan was on the computer and freaked out and ran upstairs (POOR DUDE). Good news though no damage to our house and I should really get prepared for the big one! Seriously I am not prepared what so ever. But other than that scare Hubby is working the kids are doing their soccer thing. Actually Hugo is doing a soccer summer camp this week so he has had to be in temecula @ 9am till 12pm! He is having a great time!!! He has a tournament this weekend in Temecula, WOOHOO you know I like tournys. And of course U Know I will be taking pictures this weekend. Oh yeah MOM miss ya and so do the boys especially Shark, he keeps asking when you are coming back.
Well better go finish the laundry and help Hugo get ready for camp tomorrow!
Good Night and everyone be safe!
Connie ;)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

This weekend!

Well as I mentioned Hugo celebrated his 10th birthday on Saturday we went to Olive Garden and it was delicious. Knotts soak city was so much fun. Hugo had a great time and I think I had more fun cuz my children were having so much fun. i can't wait to go back. Shark had the greatest time also he loved the slide for the lil ones he went on the slide atleast 50 times he also really enjoyed the wave area. Hugo really liked the Lazy river he really couldn't get enough of it.
After Soak city we went to Sonic. O.K I havent had sonic in about 10 years since I left Texas. I love their Cherry Limeade so refreshing on a hot day and let me tell you it was flippin HOT @ 6pm it was 107!!! Can you believe that!!!
Ohh My mom is on her way home she has left us!!! I really enjoyed having her here. It was so nice to hang out, make food, go shopping with here. I will miss having her here and so will the boys. Mom If I didn't tell you Thanks for coming down. I think the one thing i will miss most is when we rented 8 movies YES 8 movies and we watched movies all day. I got to watch girly movies. I watched P.S I love you o.k. I cried through the whole movie it was so so so good. Watch it Now if you havent seen it.
Other than that everyone is well over here. I hope you enjoy the pics I posted.
Good Night Connie ;)

Pictures of this weekend.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I hope everyone is doing great today. Well I hope you all enjoyed all the pictures that I posted. I noticed though on my end that the pictures take a little to come up, Please be patient and enjoy the music and the pictures will come up I promise! The pics were of Hugo's tournament in San Diego. They did good they made it to the semi finals and lost by 1 point :( !!! The boys were so upset some were so mad that they lost they were crying. POOR Boys! Nathan on the other hand were playing in Villa Park near Anaheim and well they won Sat 5-0 and 4-1 You go Nathan you had a shut out! On Sunday morning we found out @ 5:30 am that the organizers of the tournament put the team in the wrong age bracket so they were disqualified! WHAT THE Heck!!! You figure they would know what the heck they were doing! But anyways nathan got to hang out with us an watch his lil bro play. OHHH and there are also some pics of my mom with the boys and our pet sammy he likes to plays blocks also!!!
Hugos birthday is Sat. He is turning 10!!! He wants to go to Knotts soak city so we are off tommorow to knotts. Sat is cake and out to Dinner he wants Olive Garden, I love their salad. YUMMY!!!
Connie ;)

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Blast!!!

I havent blogged in a week!!! wow time flies when you having a great time.
MY mom arrived on friday and well we have been SOOOOO busy we went and got our haircuts ( my mom gets a haircut everytime she comes, she loves my hairstylist) and we went shopping and we even made chilie rellenos YUMMY!!! So I am lovng the mommy and me time. I actually haven't been on the computer at all which is not normal for me! I am the type that as soon as i wake up and as soon as i come home I go staight for the computer. the only reason I am on the computer right now is cuz she left to LA for a couple of days to visit some family.
All is the same over here soccer practice as usual oh but this weekend was so much fun me and the hubby went to our compadres Birthday party O.K I had so much fun I had such a blast I cant wait to go out and have a great time like that again. It was so nice cuz grandma was here @ the house so we didnt have to worry about rushing to go get the kids. It was so nice for a change. THANKS MOM!!! so that was saturday and sunday we went to a freinds house for a BBQ. That was a good time also the kids had a blast the parents were having a blast. Just hanging out eating and drinking with friends = fun fun fun!!! So basically this weekend was a BLAST!!!!
Tournament time again Nathan and Hugo have soccer tourmants this weekend so you know what that means PICTURE TIME!!!
Well I hope everyone is well and i hope you all have a great week!!!
Connie ;)

Monday, July 7, 2008

More of my creations!

Here are some more of my creations that I did last week this is of course me and can you guess who this is? is it Shark or Nano. It is amazing how similiar they look alike @ this age! If you guessed Nano you are right. This picture was taken May 2000. WOW 8 years ago!!! I had just turned 24 and Nano was going to be 2!
"REMEMBER" is the title of this lo(layout). These pics were taken @ Nathans Kinder graduation. Aren't we a cute family!!! I don't know if you can see but Nathan has scratches on his forehead and face. he decided to lay on his skateboard down the driveway and well his face meet the cement! My poor Baby!
Hope you enjoyed looking and I hope everyone has a great day today!
4 more days till my mom gets here!!! YEAH!!!
Connie ;)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Or would you like a chilie dog!

Hugo eating his dinner YUMMY Chilie dogs!
Can't forget precious "SAMMY"! Sleeping as usual!
I didn't forget Nathan, he was upstairs taking a shower by the time I got the pics uplaoded.
Hope everyone has a GREAT day!
Connie ;)