Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i wonder....

Hi and Happy Belated Easter. i hope everyone is having a great week so far. Just wanted to share with you a layout i did the other night it is of Hugo(nano). i love this picture of him walking on the beach holding his pants up so they wont get wet, when they were already soaked. I look at this pic and wonder what he is thinking of as he walks. It is amazing how i got this pic. I was doing a layout of me and xavier and this part was the left over of the pic. I knew as i cut this pic that i loved this part of the photo. I would have never scrapbooked this photo if i had not cut me and xavier out. Funny how things happen.

Hugo looks at peace in this pic no worries just being a kid.

Hey mom and dad do you remember this day? This pic was taken when we went to the Padres game and before we headed home we went to Silverstrand Beach. Remember we all kicked off our shoes and pulled our pants up and walked on the beach picked up seashells and i also remember we had no change of clothes and xavier either fell or got hit by a wave and was so wet. Poor baby!

These moments my children and i will never forget because i scrapbooked it. This is why i scrapbook.

What a wonderful memory this is.

Have a wonderful Tuesday may you all have a great day.
luv you all
Connie : )
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this is such a pretty page girlfriend!!!