Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yummy San Pedro....

I have fallen off of the blog world my friends I am so sorry but you know how life is! We all get busy sometimes. Well it all started cuz the kids are off track till May 4th and Nate is or shall I say was on Spring break which ended at 9:30pm tonight same went for David (he was on vacation too) but his ended more like this morning when he called work and has been work mode since!!! So I have some pics to show off. Lets start off with 4/3 Sat. We ventured off to San Pedro to eat some fish and shrimp YUMMY my mouth is watering...... Mom and Yoshio I know your mouths are too!!!! lol The weather was beautiful and boy did we stuff our lil (ok big) tummies!!! Kyleigh had a blast throwing bread to the seagulls. We ended the meal with a warm Churros and ice cream.
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