Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Tournament!

Here are some pics of Hugo @ his tournament. This tournament was the West Coast Tournament he played in Mission Viejio. The fields were very nice. The weather was a little warm. I wasnt expecting it to be that warm there. But oh well I survived! The team had difficult weekend they had 2 games on Sat and they tied both! Sun they could of had 2 games just depending on another teams results and a win for us. Unfortunatly they lost so we had to go home! I didn't take but 24 pics this weekend the games were nerve wreckng so I was way to busy watching the games. But these are just my favs.
UPDATE on school!!! The boys are doing well in school, Nathan is adapting to H.S he really likes it. I give that boy props he is taking 3 CP (college prep) classes and a Spanish class and Cross Country and Soccer!!! I pray to God that he can do it all. Nate has a tournamnet this weekend in Riverside. This will be the last tournament in long while cuz the season begins 9/6/08 for both of them. Nano is doing well in school also. He just informed that he wants to join the chess club @ school! That boy will try anything. I hope he likes it! Then he can teach me how to play. Shark/Xavier is doing great i think he is enjoying having mommy to himself!!!
Well I am so sorry i havent posted in a long time I have been caught up in the hustle and bustle of the normal everyday things!!!
Have a great day and take care!!!
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