Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tournaments and Back 2 Skl !!!

Obviously you can see from the pictures that Nathans team did really well this weekend. The team took the Championship. The final game was a nail bitter game it ended 4-3. His tournament was in Garden Grove Sat and Sunday. Nathan got a shoot out ( WAY 2 GO)on Sundays 1st game and if I am correct the final score was 5-0 so the coach pulled him out of his position (Goalkeeper) and put on the pitch as forward so he could get some time on the pitch. And I got some pictures of that Because who knows when that will happen again.lol. Nathan was so thrilled he smiled the whole way home. He has another tournament on 8/30 in riverside so cant wait for that one. Hugo has a tournament this weekend YES another tournament this month is all about tournaments!!! But this month is also about the kids going back to school. The boys are going back on Thursday. They are so ready to go back and so am I. This summer just flew right by me this year. Watch next thing I know it will be Christmas!!!
Well to all my family and friends I hope everyone is doing well, safe and healthy.
I am off to bed I need to wake up early to do some last minute shopping for school.
Good nite
Connie ; )

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