Monday, December 15, 2008

So Sorry...

I am so sorry to all my family and friends that keep up with my blog, I haven't blogged in months and that is so wrong of me but I am back! I posted all these opics that I have taken in the month of November. My parents came down for Thanksgiving and boy did I need my family around me. Always around the holidays I get and sad because my parents dont live close. But we always find ways to end up together. Last year I ended up in El Paso with the boys which was a miracle, I had lots of fun. Thanks Dad for coming I love how having you here. Mom, well u know, I dont have to tell you!
But anyways I hope everyone is doing great!
The boys are still doing soccer. League has finished for the club season but Hugo has tounament lined up and Nate well he is playing high school soccer.
David he is working (Thank God, You know with everyone losing jobs and all!)!
Ohhh Xavier is in preschool and he loves it!!!!
Me, well me just hanging out enjoying the perks of a SAHM!!!
Again I hope everyone is great!
Take care ( Yoshio especially you!!! We are praying for your safety and your safe return!!!)
I hoep everyone enjoyed the pics!
Connie :)

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