Thursday, May 21, 2009

Xavier's 5th Birthday

Everyone has a fake smile on!!!
Love this pic of Xavier even though he has a black eye!
O.k. this was the best pic of me and xavier we tried and tried but this was the best one.

SO So So SWEET!!!! Look how happy they are together!!!

Yes it was Xaviers Birthday yesterday. He turned 5. WOW 5 already!!! We had a mini Birhtday party at ba's and Epa's house we had cake a pinata and presents. Simple but yet Perfect! Xavier said on the way home after his mini b-day party "Mom Thank you for my birthday party!" It was just out of know where which made it so heartwarming I wanted to cry!

oh and the black eye that was an accident on friday caused by his big brother Hugo. You know how embarrassed I was when I had to go to the stores. People would look at him and have this pity look on their face and then look at me all crazy!!! really wasnt fun!!!

Well I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!
Stay safe
Connie :)
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