Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hugo's 11th birthday and more...

yeah yeah i know I havent done anything with this blog in a long time!!!
So here is a review of what we have been up to.
hugo had his birthday dinner at CPK!!! Yummy Califonia Pizza Kitchen.
We ordered the Carne Asada Pizza ok this pizza is delicious!!!!
Mom, dad and ernie when you guys come down we are there!
The boys of course had to have a chesse and a pepperoni one and we also tried one that had chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.
O.k Yummy also it was like a salad pizza. I didnt feel guilty eatin this one!!!
Hugo wants to go to Ranging Waters so we will do that next thurs.
We got hugo a birthday cake but I had no candles I felt so bad. i know I have some somewhere here???
Lets see what else???
Oh Yeah shark starts AYSO-soccer. 1st practice is on Monday. This should be interesting!
Nate has a touney this weekend, so if you know me you know that I will be taking tons of pics of the boys. Ok can I call them boys seeing how Nate is 15? Ok maybe I will try calling them young men....doubt it!
Also how we moved... Yeah we moved... that's just a whole chapter I dont want to get into... Hugo and shark had to start school already. Good ole Year Round! They made it through a month of school and now they are off for a month. They have made friends and really like the new school. No complaints from them! Thats always good.
Nate starts 10th grade 8/31 whew............... a sophmore!!!!
The hubby is good working away.
So to make a long story short we are all doin GREAT!!!
Hope you enjoy the pics.
Connie :)
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