Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Xavier 6th Bday pics

We didnt do anything big. But we did take Xavier to eat some ribs from Lucilles. Grabed a cake from Sams (this is our favorite cake!) sang Happy Bday at home oh yeah we sang to him at luciells also. and started getting ready for school the next day.

This day was suppose to be all about Xavier but Hugo had to go hurt his arm before school even started. He was at school early and playing hand ball and jammed his arm in the wall. i got the phone call from the school and I hurried over to assest the situation and he was is some serious pain. left the school got on the phone with Kaiser(docs) and was able to get him seen in a hour which gave me time to get to Fontana (which let me tell you isnt around the corner). We or should I say he was fortunate the arm is NOT broken but he did sprain it. he had to wear a half cast(looks just like a reagular cast but cut in half ) that he can take off but is suppose to wear all the time. Ok as I tell this story this was like 2weeks ago and now he isnt wearing the cast anymore and is back to 100%. He officially is not in the clear atleast not till friday when he has his follow up. I didnt get any pics of his arm but in these pics he does have the cast on I wonder now if he was hiding it.

My last lil baby boy is 6, reading on his own, writing sentences and about to graduate from Kinder. :(
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