Friday, July 30, 2010


Well I am going to ramble on and on and on. I am giving you a warning.

I was reading another blog and they were talking about finding happiness in the little things of our everyday lives. And It got me thinking.....

right now I find happiness in watching my 3 boys swimming till I have to drag them out and having them ask me if they can jump in JUST 1 more time!!! Really how can I tell them NO!!!

My happiness is also in a cold cup of Iced Tea. Homemade or McD's!!!

I have recently found happiness in teaching other people to scrapbook. I love to see someones face glow with happiness because they completed their 1st scrapbook page.

Xavier loves to sleep with his mommy when daddy cannot come home from work. Shhhhh dont tell Xavier but when he is asleep I love to just stare at him.

My heart sings eventhough I am asleep when DH leaves to work at 4am and he kisses me goodbye.

Ok I could think of more but you get the point.
anyways Hugo needs me to drop him off at a dance.

Everyone have a great weekend and Remember to find the Happiness in the little everyday things.

Connie :)

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