Monday, August 2, 2010

Me as a 1 yr old

Well my mom and dad were here a couple of weeks and brought me a surprise.
These pictures of me when I was 1 yr old.
Don't you just love the hair style!!!
I wonder if they put gel in it to spike up or it did on its own.

I am being held by my mom in the 1st photo and the 2ND is my daddy.

My Dad looks so happy in the photo :)

Now you know that I am pondering in my head how I am going to scrapbook these photos. But to be honest I tend to have such a hard time scrapbooking pics that are so dear to me because they mean so much. I want the SB(scrapbook) pg to be perfect!!!

Well wish me luck &Have a Happy Monday!!!

Connie :)
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