Sunday, November 21, 2010

more of Leo Carrillo

While my better half was napping me and my sweet crazy Xavier took some funny pictures of ourselves.

They have a bunch of these rock piles. Big ones little ones it was pretty cool!
The fog rolled in and it looked pretty eerie.

O.k now about the SEAGULLS.
We made a huge a mistake about feeding 1 seagull a chip. We, the family then decided to go for a stroll.
We were enjoying the scenery, the water and sand in our toes and THEN we looked back to where our stuff was(which was chairs, cooler, and a beach bag with our munchies in it) there was a zillion(ok really not that many) of seagulls all over our stuff!!!
Hugo and Nathan ran as fast as they could too see what was going on.
Well that 1 seagull that I gave a chip decided to go tell all his seagull friends and ransacked all our chips and munchies!!!
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