Friday, January 14, 2011

Givin credit

Here is the info i said i was going to post. Sorry it took me a bit longer. I got back with my lil one and Nate had a soccer game that I had to get him to last minute. we had 45 mins to get him there (but was only suppose to take 20-30 min to get there) but with wonderful so cal traffic it took 1 hr and 20 min!!!! Poor kid got there 10 min before the game started.
unfortunatlty it was a lost.

As I type Xavier has decided he wants to sit in my lap and give me hugs.... what a sweet boy :)

O.K now off to play with Photoshop...... maybe I might just jump in bead with the wonderful sleeping hubby. I know he is nice and warm under the blankets and I am cold right now cuz our computer sits right next to a window and I AM COLD!!!

What to do????????????

Connie :) TFL

oh tomorrow is date nite off to our fav hangout Roscoes :)
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