Thursday, March 20, 2014

My life right now

My life right now is about looking for a washer, dryer, and a Fridge! Lists, list of things I need to look into and Also waiting!!! What I am I waiting for you might ask? Let me tell you!!! We bought a house! OK not just yet but we are in escrow and  underwriting is happening and now we just have to wait! My goodness when did the prices of appliances shoot up? WOW I was shocked when we went looking. Crazy!!!  Unbelievable!!!
I have been shopping around, price matching , looking for the best deal and also reviews I have to check those out too! I don't want a piece of crap especially if I have to spend in the thousands!!!
Any of you have any brands you LOVE? Please tell I would like to hear your opinions.
To give myself a break from the appliance shopping and to take away some stress from the waiting game I went to my local Daiso store and found these adorable memo stickies. They are just SO SO SO CUTE!!! Even the boys and Hubby thought they were cool! So you know they gotta be something special!

As always Thanks for looking and listening
Connie :)

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kate blue said...

we have always had great luck with Frigidaire appliances (and yes, I do a lot of laundry too)-congrats!