Tuesday, August 10, 2010

bottle caps & Ranger inks

Well I collect beer bottle caps ( I prefer Corona or XX) and needed to do something with them I have collected way too many!!! So this is where I am at. I punched a 1" circle out of Patterned Paper (u could use a solid color too) glued inside of cap added a letter. I am using the saying LIVE LAUGH LOVE. Next I filled with Glossy Accent (found at J's or M's) becareful u don't get bubbles if u do just pop with needle or safety pin. Now wait till GA dries. I would wait 12-24 hrs. I will post pictures when done. Now the possibilities are endless. you could use on a layot, as a home decor item, you could adhere to a leather belt or make a braclet. Endless possibilities!!!

I made my own Glimmer Mists. GM are all the RAVE right now. They are great and so cool to work with but I cant buy anywhere unless online. Now you can youtube how to make your GM but let me tell they are so EASy to make.

You will need:
perfect pearls(use ur couponsfrom j's/m's/AAbros)
little water spray bottles(I used mini misters by Ranger)
popsicle stick/plactic knife

Now fill the the bottle with water but make sure to leave enough space to be able to shake/roll the bottle.
add ink (1 good squirt/if you want the color to be darker add more)
add a scoop of Perfect Pearls
close lid and shake/roll

Now protect your surface before you spray your paper and/or flower. I just use an old box that i got from Sams.
I am working on a layout with these sprays so I will post when done.

Have a Great Tuesday!!!

oh and I forgot to tell you my braces are coming off tomorrow morning!!! YIPEEEEE!!!!
BYE BYE BRACES you will not be missed!!!
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