Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On the road to......

Got up Thursday Morning not to early 630am got ready then got the kids ready, loaded the accord with 1 luggage (yes for all four of us)
got everyone in and went to the local Starbucks, which for us is in an Albertsons.

got 2 large cups of YUMMY coffee to really wake me/both of us up got some Mc d's Breakfast for the kids. I dont know why but mc D's breakfast does not like my stomach. Now HAPPY Fries, Yes that is what I call McDs Fries. HAPPY FRIES! YUM!!! is ok with my stomach

David had me take a picture of the San Onofre Nuclear Plant. There are actually 2 of these round things. Use your imagination.

As we drove Xavier supposdly feel asleep, He had me fooled!!! Ok his bear is still with us. Thanks to his Tio YOshio and if you recall he coulnt decide on a name. Well still NO name. Actually technically it does "MY BEAR " Poor lil thing. Now look closely his shirt is backwards and inside out. Why might u ask? well because remember I gave him Mc d's for Breakfast, I didnt bring him another shirt to change into incase he spilled. which he didnt :)
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