Monday, February 27, 2012

White lasagna

Happy Monday everyone, 
Today here in California was a bit on the chilly side. I woke up to the sun than by 12 it was raining horribly. I felt so bad for the kids because it seemed to rain even harder when they were being released. But now we are in a warm cozy, smelling like lasagna home. This is the first time making this White lasagna and I came across from it from Pinterest. Yes I am at the place way to much, I have the app for the iphone so you can imagine!!!
I will chime in a lil bit later to let you know if we approve.
oh and maybe another scrapbook page I am working on. I was doing it for a scrapbooking challage for here but I didn't finish it in time but that is ok because the ultimate goal is to just get my pictures off the phone, computer, and boxes and in scrpbooks!!!

talk to you all in a lil bit Connie :)

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