Friday, February 17, 2012

Road Trip mini album

Hello everyone Happy Friday!
This is an mini album I made not recently a little while back actually! I just realized that I had not shared. David and I + the kids decided to go on a road trip we didnt know where we wanted to go. Really had no clue!!! Vegas sounded good. San Diego can't go wrong there! But we had been to both those places and Hubby, David is not the type to back somewhere he's already been. So San Francisco was thrown out there and finally the Clueless Family decided to go see the Seqoias. We heard it was just stunning and they were right. So we packed a bag, just 1 bag and got in the car and drove. We got there checked it out, hung out and I took tons of pictures. It was so so pretty . The trees were bigger than huge and squirrels everywhere happily eating pinecones. They were so adorable. We left as it began to get dark and left with anticipation to come back.
Connie :)
Have a GREAT weekend.
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