Saturday, August 8, 2009

happy together Layout

I made this layout last night.
These pics were when my family came down in May and we took tio Ernie to go eat at San Pedro.
I have a ton of other pics I think i am going to make a mini ablum but still working out the details.
I am so happy I got a pic of my mom and dad together I dont have many of those I always try to take pics of them when they are here. I know later on I will be glad I did! Oh and Me and David got a pic also. I have started handng the camera over to nate to take a quick pic of us. I was thinkin I want to make a layout of pics of me and david together. I dont have to many so shouldnt be to difficult. But It would be nice!

Well off to Nates's game crazy times today 1 and 6pm and tomorrow 11 and 3.
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