Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 days.....

Ok his skin looks ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. We all are peeling. face, backs , shoulders. Not pretty! I remember growin up our familly would go the Hueco Club all the time in the summer!!!! This place was so cool. I wish my kids had something like that. But anyways I remember being that we spent so much time their my dad used to get burnt and he would peel like a snake. I know gross but as a kid I remember pulling it off of him, it was kinda cool!(i know gross!!) Hugo has the same facination with peeling. He was peeling my skin off my back the other night. FUNNY!!!

2 days is how many days it takes my kids to go through a box of cookie crisp!!!
Connie :)
Yes I am taking pics of everything I am trying to learn how to us the camera on manual! So if you have any tips for using a SLR camera Please share. my biggest problem right now is taking pictures in the house or at night they(the pics) are coming out kinda yellowish. I tryed messing around with the WB but that only help a lil bit.

Connie :)
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