Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Friday!!!

Hello everyone!!!
I hope everyone had a great Friday. Today I got to hang out with hubby and run errands. We dropped by walmart and sams to get some necessities for the house and I have come to realize that you can go to walmart or sams and only get what is only on your list. At least I can't! Every time I go I always get twice as much as I wanted and I always find a way to forget 1 thing ( keep in mind I have a list! How does that happen?).

We are going to the Chivas and DC united soccer game tomorrow! YEAH!!!!
The boys don't know, we decided to tell them tomorrow that way they are not asking us a million questions and that way they will be surprised. they think we are just staying home and doing a whole lot of nothin! just wait till they find out they are going to be so HAPPY!!! I am planning on taking the camera and take tons of pics so i will post tomorrow.

Update on the wisdom teeth: today I feel good but I am craving all sorts of food because I can't eat anything to hard yet. I am playing it safe I am still eating soft foods! Ohh and then Hubby decided to BBQ hamburger and hot dogs YUMMMMYYY!! How cruel is that I cant eat any of that! Not fair!!! The food smelled so good! I was good though I had my soup.

Well off to bed Hubby and kids are already upstairs ready to peep (Xavier's slang word for sleep)!

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