Thursday, May 22, 2008

A tornado, trail derailment, and overturned Big Rig

Earlier I had mentioned that it was raining. Well as the day went it cleared up and around 3:45 it started to rain, lightning, thunder, hail.So I decided to go to look out the window and I see a tornado! O.K HELLO what the heck is going on here! So I ran down stairs and grab the camera and back up and I got what was left of the tornado (Forget getting the kids and getting in the closet, I need to get a picture!) SCARY!! So the rain and hail eased up and here me and the boys head off to Nathans practice and as soon as we get on the freeway it is just at a dead stop!( Later to find out that a tornado had overturned the train and a Big rig so they had to close the freeway). After about 45 min and arriving @ the next exit which everyone was being escorted to exit by the police this was maybe 2-3 miles from when I got on the freeway I exited and finally just headed home."What an adventure!" I told the kids they laughed. So now i am home safe and sound and happy to be off the roads! To see Mother nature at her best go to

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