Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Xavier 4th birthday and i am getting Braces!!

Yesterday was xaviers birthday. we got him a birthday cake and he got a fisher price baseball toy and a golf club set! Yes my son likes baseball golf and soccer or and cant forget football. He is going to be very busy when he gets older with sports!!! But I am o.k with that as long as he gives it 110%. We didn't do anything special but we did sing HAPPY B-DAY to him after coming home from soccer practice. Hugo thought it would be a good idea to smash his face, not funny o.k. yeah it was he had a green nose afterwards. well today is a busy day I had my ortho appt and I am ready to go to have my braces put on I just have to wait to have my xrays to be sent to the ortho dept. Than i get the appt. Yeah I cant wait!!!!

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