Sunday, July 27, 2008

This weekend!

Well as I mentioned Hugo celebrated his 10th birthday on Saturday we went to Olive Garden and it was delicious. Knotts soak city was so much fun. Hugo had a great time and I think I had more fun cuz my children were having so much fun. i can't wait to go back. Shark had the greatest time also he loved the slide for the lil ones he went on the slide atleast 50 times he also really enjoyed the wave area. Hugo really liked the Lazy river he really couldn't get enough of it.
After Soak city we went to Sonic. O.K I havent had sonic in about 10 years since I left Texas. I love their Cherry Limeade so refreshing on a hot day and let me tell you it was flippin HOT @ 6pm it was 107!!! Can you believe that!!!
Ohh My mom is on her way home she has left us!!! I really enjoyed having her here. It was so nice to hang out, make food, go shopping with here. I will miss having her here and so will the boys. Mom If I didn't tell you Thanks for coming down. I think the one thing i will miss most is when we rented 8 movies YES 8 movies and we watched movies all day. I got to watch girly movies. I watched P.S I love you o.k. I cried through the whole movie it was so so so good. Watch it Now if you havent seen it.
Other than that everyone is well over here. I hope you enjoy the pics I posted.
Good Night Connie ;)

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