Monday, July 14, 2008

A Blast!!!

I havent blogged in a week!!! wow time flies when you having a great time.
MY mom arrived on friday and well we have been SOOOOO busy we went and got our haircuts ( my mom gets a haircut everytime she comes, she loves my hairstylist) and we went shopping and we even made chilie rellenos YUMMY!!! So I am lovng the mommy and me time. I actually haven't been on the computer at all which is not normal for me! I am the type that as soon as i wake up and as soon as i come home I go staight for the computer. the only reason I am on the computer right now is cuz she left to LA for a couple of days to visit some family.
All is the same over here soccer practice as usual oh but this weekend was so much fun me and the hubby went to our compadres Birthday party O.K I had so much fun I had such a blast I cant wait to go out and have a great time like that again. It was so nice cuz grandma was here @ the house so we didnt have to worry about rushing to go get the kids. It was so nice for a change. THANKS MOM!!! so that was saturday and sunday we went to a freinds house for a BBQ. That was a good time also the kids had a blast the parents were having a blast. Just hanging out eating and drinking with friends = fun fun fun!!! So basically this weekend was a BLAST!!!!
Tournament time again Nathan and Hugo have soccer tourmants this weekend so you know what that means PICTURE TIME!!!
Well I hope everyone is well and i hope you all have a great week!!!
Connie ;)

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