Thursday, July 24, 2008

I hope everyone is doing great today. Well I hope you all enjoyed all the pictures that I posted. I noticed though on my end that the pictures take a little to come up, Please be patient and enjoy the music and the pictures will come up I promise! The pics were of Hugo's tournament in San Diego. They did good they made it to the semi finals and lost by 1 point :( !!! The boys were so upset some were so mad that they lost they were crying. POOR Boys! Nathan on the other hand were playing in Villa Park near Anaheim and well they won Sat 5-0 and 4-1 You go Nathan you had a shut out! On Sunday morning we found out @ 5:30 am that the organizers of the tournament put the team in the wrong age bracket so they were disqualified! WHAT THE Heck!!! You figure they would know what the heck they were doing! But anyways nathan got to hang out with us an watch his lil bro play. OHHH and there are also some pics of my mom with the boys and our pet sammy he likes to plays blocks also!!!
Hugos birthday is Sat. He is turning 10!!! He wants to go to Knotts soak city so we are off tommorow to knotts. Sat is cake and out to Dinner he wants Olive Garden, I love their salad. YUMMY!!!
Connie ;)

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