Monday, June 9, 2008

Braces are on board!!!

The Braces are on! I got them on this morning around 930a.m.!
How do they feel? Weird!
Am I excited? Heck YEAH!
Am I in pain? Kinda, cuz they put spacers in the back teeth and my teeth feel all squashed!
Do I look different? No, the family thinks I look the same!
How long are they on? 18-24 months (wow thats a long time!)
Metal/ceramic(clear) Braces? Ceramic clear braces (Davids nickname for me is Ceramic mouth!)

well thats about all the info you all need or probably would ask me. I feel o.k. right now I am really trying not to complain because I wanted braces. I had always put off getting them cuz I was to old, the kids, or whats the point now! See I have realized that I hate to smile cuz my teeth are not straight and Nathan got braces and his teeth are SO PRETTY! I want pretty teeth too!!!! So here i am with braces on! Wish me luck that my teeth move super fast and that the rest of the way will be pain free!
Bye all and thanks for looking(reading)!

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