Monday, June 2, 2008

My weekend!

Here we are at Hugo's futsal game on Sunday. Xavier was running around and playing with his brother's he acts as if he is all grown up already! Than there is Nathan doing tricks with the soccer ball he never gets tired of doing tricks. It was so funny the other day Xavier came up to me and told me "that he was doing skitles with Nathan !" I said" you were doing what?" Xavier said "Skitles mom!" so luckily Nathan walked in the room as we were having this coversation and Nathan explained that skitles means SKILLS! Nathan and Xavier are just so close! Ohh and Hugo, well @ his futsal game he was running so much and was playing so hard that he actully threw up during the game on the feild! POOR BABY! But within 5 min he was back on the feild playing! Now that is what I call love for the game.
So Sat we went out to Cabazon to the Outlet mall and that was fun we shopped till we dropped and I have boys and all of them were "Mom dad look @ this, look @ that, they were in heaven!" My boys take after me!
Friday I got a haircut boy did I need one and later on in the evening me an david went out to dinner we had a date. We got to just hang out and chat! It was nice.
So that was my weekend, I got to hang out with my family.
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