Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthdays!!!!

Hi everyone I hope you all had a great weekend especially my MOM and Big Bro. They celebrated their birthdays over the weekend. Happy Birthday!!! I wish we could of celebrated together but Mom is 12 hrs away and Big Bro is somewhere in some ocean on a very large boat( he is in the Navy)! But great news Mom will be here in 10 days and WOOHOOO we are all excited!!!! So yesterday I started crating again( I took some time off just havent been in the mood!)I created this pg a couple weeks ago and finally got a pic and uploaded it i did another 1 this weekend but havent taken a pic yet and working on another 1 as I post! Oh yeah the family is great, the weather is good right now but it is suppose to reach 99 degrees today so I will be turning the AC on soon! Well I hope everyone has a great MONDAY!!!

Connie ;)

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