Friday, June 13, 2008

Hello all!!!
i hope everyone is doing great. So what do you have planned for this weekend? So our weekend plans consist of just hanging out and BBQing for fathers day for DH. i am so sorry that I havent blogged much this week. The same ole is going on over here, Nathan and Hugo had soccer practice Mon-Thurs and Nathan started summer school on Tuesday. So Nathan has to be @ school @ 7:30am and is out @1. Atleast it is 1 less kid running around the house sayin that he is bored. He hasn't complained about school so I am hoping he sees the bigger picture of summer school (1 less class to take during the school year!). Xavier is great. He is running around and right now into chalk and bubbles in the backyard. Well as for me, My teeth are still hurting o.k they told me that my mouth would only hurt a couple days and well i am on day 5!!! I am not complaining!!!! I have to remember I wanted the braces! Other than that everything is great.
Everyone have a great weekend!!!

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