Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hello all.
I hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope all those daddys had a great Fathers Day!
The same ole is going on over here, today Hugo had soccer practice out in Temecula and Nathan didn't have GK training today so Me and Hubby were able to hang out @ Hugos practice. Which is a very rare thing, we usually have to split practice. It was nice. Ohh and we get a break for 2 weeks NO PRACTICE for Hugo!!! Yeah!!!!! Sometimes a break is needed. oh and the gas we will be saving. The price of gas is insane, but I didn't have to tell you that. Right now we are debating on getting a compact car to save putting gas in my baby(the Armada)! but you have to consider insurance, DMV fees, maintance. will we actually be spending more money????
Well my nathan is having a soccer tournament this weekend YEAH!!! I like tournaments it will be nice and sunny this weekend so time to get my tan on! But i believe it will be really hot this weekend so I might not need tanning lotion just the sunscreen. So i will be updating you on Monday how the tournament went and of course I will add some pics I will try to get a pic of me with my new mouth(braces). speaking of my braces I can eat finally as of yesterday. I got to eat my salad it was so YUMMY!!! But Monday I will be back in the Ortho office to get me all wired up some more :( Well I better get up to bed now it is late and Xavier is falling asleep on me. GoodNight

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